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A Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure movie released on December 14, 1984 in USA. Starring Alicia Witt, Ana Ofelia Murguía, Angelica Aragón, Brad Dourif, Claudia Ramírez, Danny Corkill, David Lynch, Dean Stockwell, Ernesto Laguardia, Everett McGill, Francesca Annis, Freddie Jones, Honorato Magaloni, Humberto Elizondo, Jürgen Prochnow, Jack Nance, Jacqueline Voltaire, James Mathers, Jose Ferrer, Judd Omen, Julieta Rosen, Ke.

Release Date: December 14, 1984
Year: 1984
Runtime:137 mins
IMDb Rating:
In the distant future, a man appears who may be the prophet that a long-suffering galaxy has been waiting for.