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A Animation, Comedy movie released on January 01, 1992 in UK. Starring Bob Mortimer, Jenny Eclair, Simon Day, Simon Donald.

Release Date: January 01, 1992
Year: 1992
Runtime:45 mins
IMDb Rating:
Tynesides 'Premier fanny rat' Sidnet Smutt stars in this fiesta of drinking, fighting and chasing women. His exploits are accompanied by his drinking mates Baz, Bob and Joe. Together they blunder their way through the social scene of Newcastle upon Tyne. The film is divided in to five parts. The first, 'Oot on the tap' tells the tale of a Friday night out in the pub, curry house, night club and kebab shop. The second, 'Eurosidney' sees the lads unsuccessfully on the pull in Spain, although Sid's big mouth gets him deported. The third, 'Sid's ship comes in', finally sees him find female attention. The fourth, 'Sid's blind date', sees Sid on the famous ITV game show, and the final episode 'The big pull' has Sidney trying to inconspicuously purchase a top shelf magazine from the newsagents.