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Michaela Longden     , Jason Deer     , Samantha Mesagno    
Genre: Drama, Short, Sci-Fi
Countries: United Kingdom,
Release Date: March 15, 2019
Year: 2019
Runtime:27 min
IMDb Rating:
Total equality; Any job can be done by anyone. In the future, through The Terminal technology, the population are physically reconfigured from the nervous system up to fit their next job. Start the day a male lumberjack, end the day a mother. With the Terminal we are all truly equal…or are we? Kim, a young job centre employee, is beginning to question how fair the system is when her co-worker Jay is prevented from being with the person they love when they are dying. But can there be love in a society where people’s physical appearance constantly changes? And how far is Kim willing to go to help Jay?